Sunday, December 26, 2010

updating the updates

A fairly minor change today - after the IE episode last week, I went to check all the rest of my pages using IE and promptly discovered that the Rickshaw Run page, styled to fit with the adventurists' templates was busted too.

The menu bar really wasn't rendering properly here at all, but this gave me the reason to go in and rewrite the entire page to actually fit in with the rest of the site's new template, and fix up some broken CSS in the process. Somewhere along the way, I even had the email/password text fields working correctly (default text clears when you click on it), but that got broken somehow, and I didn't really feel it was important enough to go back through and re-visit. That page is mostly just there as a sales pitch to the guys in Bristol so that they use my code to run their adventure tracking systems, so, I feel, for now, the look and feel is more important than the Log-In functionality!

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