Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bug fixin' - stupid IE

December 20, 2010
Well, there's lots of bugs still, of course, but most fall into the 'unfinished features' category, so I was ready to just ignore them for a while. But then, my dad pointed out that the links on my menus don't work when using Internet Explorer... This seemed rather unfortunate, so I figured it probably deserved some immediate attention, so by the start of last week, I rolled out a new update, where the links code had been simplified, in such a way that it would now work with both IE and Firefox. It works on Safari too, and I really need to verify on Google Chrome...

As an aside, a lot of the current design has obviously been borrowed from the adventurists, them of the Mongol Rally, Rickshaw Run, etc. fame. It's an excellent starting point, but I definitely need to, at the very least, update my background images, before they decide to sue... I had imitated their menu layouts also, and with my dad's discovery, found that nothing happens when you click the picture links on their menus [in IE] either... Which is less than perfect, but we're all working on things! Well, my menu code is now different from theirs, so there's that!

And if you want some technical details... Apparently, in Firefox, you can put a <table> inside of a link (<a> .... </a>) and it'll work just fine, just the way it, I believe, should. In IE, most everything works correctly to - all the link styles are applied, the hover effects kick in, the cursor changes as appropriate, but then you click, and ... absolutely nothing happens, Way to be IE! Well, using tables for layout is bad anyway, so it is, actually, a change for the better.

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