Tuesday, December 28, 2010

not so much working on the website...

as experimenting with little things that I learn, so, today, I read a little more about CSS positioning - not so much new, but a good, better-organized recap of things I had learned before via imitation. Armed with my newly sharpened element positioning skills, I've updated the Contact Menu to always position the photos in the center (only really affects the 'Crossing the Circle' pages, as Oliver's picture is horizontal, while all the rest are vertical) and added a 'Back to the Top' control to the bottom of the News Feed (ok, politely borrowed from the Quark website...). I've looked into making that one float, so as to always be there at the bottom of the page, but the simple 'position: fixed' doesn't quite do it well enough, so just a fixed 'Back to the Top' button at the bottom of the page - fancier positioning coming later... maybe!

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