Thursday, January 13, 2011

Migration Complete

The officially no longer exists - navigating to any of the pages there should now automatically redirect you to the same page on the new site: - fun times! It will give you a lovely message explaining what's about to happen for five seconds first... then you'll be redirected!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tell them about...

... that bus ride across India... that party on the beach in Thailand... that girl you met in the Greek Isles... the steak and red wine asado in Mendoza... scaling Kilimajaro! Tell them about your trip, your adventure!

It's a little catchy, right? Let's hope so - I'd decided that since the website had undergone a semi-professional looking face-lift recently, it might be nice to come up with a slightly more professional, catchy even, maybe, URL, so, voila, we now have: (in addition to the old address). For now both URLs will continue to work, and give you the exact same site to play with, but, eventually, I plan to deprecate the safety3rdblog site and just redirect all the traffic to the new site.

Exciting Transparency!

Welcome to the world of images with transparent backgrounds! I have not exactly mastered them yet (as I don't really have the software to do them properly as of yet), but there's a few now on the site - the page icon (up in your browser's address bar) is now appropriately transparent, and the main navigation menu has just earned a logo next to the Home link... That last one, of course, brings up more questions than it solves - if I replace the Home link with it, will that confuse users? If I don't, where should it link? I also need a different image for the Antarctica/Quark Expeditions trip page... that's being harder for now!